Monday, October 04, 2004


Though at 8 pm, the Mt. St. Helen's webcam is dark
snow, the urge to load the site every five minutes
overwhelms me. If she blows at night, will we see
bright lava flows creeping across the screen,
hellish halloween colours illuminating clouds
from below, twenty-four-year-old trees engulfed
in a molten Styx? Will we see orange-on-black
vomiting into superheated air, a red bubbling
cauldron that no witch would ever stir?
Give me this dark spectacle over the drab daytime:
grey snow transforming all into an Ansel Adams
landscape. Volcanoes are creatures of the night.

Mount St. Helen's webcam


Radish King said...

I love this: volcanoes are creatures of the night. This particular volcano, however is a bit of a publicity hound and she likes to voice her opinions when we're watching. She erupted at 12:01 p.m. the other day, just in time for the 12 o clock news. I drove there Saturday, to have a peek.

paula said...

Oh, that last line is marvellous. Why not make it the first?

Liked it!


paula said...

Volcanoes, burting prime donne. Great!

Peter Garner said...

Rebecca, Paula,

Yeah, that last line has potential. Very busy with work now, but hopefully Helen will hold off until I can take a look at this germ.

Paula: "burting prime donne"??? Have you been reading Lewis Carrol again? ;-)))

Aisha said...

Now I see the webcam-- and I see the modifications to the draft -- take II excellent improvement.

Creatures of the night, yes, but GERMS??