Tuesday, October 05, 2004


As a Canadian, my interest in tonight's debate between Cheney and Edwards was minimal at best, and I didn't watch it. But after reading this quote by Cheney--"If we want to win the war on terror it's pretty clear the choice is George Bush."--I'm wondering how much he and Bush talk to each other. Didn't Bush say a few weeks ago that he didn't think the war on terror could be won? These guys need to exchange e-mail addies...

Whatever... Back to poetry.


Aisha said...

I, however, am glued to the US election run-up--- and surprised to say the least by the contradictions and sheer denial in the surrent administration.
What about the roots of terror? What about having a little talking-to with Israel, say?

Prevention is better than cure (speaking as one who now has cockroaches in our building :-0)


Aisha said...

oh no -- current not surrent -- or does that mean the surreal current administration?

Peter Garner said...

Hey! you're alive! Haven't seen hide nor hair for ages. What? has there been an alligator infestation of Norway? (speaking of surreal images ;-)))