Saturday, August 07, 2004

Walk fast
walk till your legs give out
visions will come

crescent moon
is the bulging sail
of a ghost ship sailing
in and out of a dank fog

headlights in the distance
morph into feral eyes
tracking you through the night
they keep their distance

Walk fast
Walk tll your legs give out

shadow of the sun
rising behind you shortens
darkens into the nothingness
of a yawning grave

A coyote dogs your trail
from noon till dusk then disappears
into a copse of cottonwoods
but he howls at moonrise

Walk fast
walk till your legs give out

Sit by the river just before dawn
the animals are awake and talking
listen to what they say
listen to the river's gavelled voice

Remember this, take it with you
whereever you go when you rise
then walk fast
walk till your legs give out

1 comment:

paula said...

I like this. In my read it's a warning or reminder to live, live, live, overcome obstacles, walk on. This doesn't mean never to sit, meditate, consider: the penultimate stanza gives time to meditation, the collecting of experiences ( either positive and negative) before walking on. I think the repetition works fine. A meditative piece inciting to "action".