Friday, August 27, 2004

After reading "Petrified Wood" (for JL)

If trees could feel, a petrified
forest would be an arboreal Pompeii

What hundred-year romances
were frozen in stone that day

Long distance lovers, a feathered
touch their only intimacy

the kind of love Michelangelo
painted in the Sistine Chapel


paula said...

P, I like how you start with petrified and bring it to life; frozen romance, ok, but vibrant. Excellent analogies with Pompei and Michelangelo.

Only doubt I have is the very first line: if trees could feel... just because trees do feel. maybe start without the hypothetical and say a petrified forest is? just a thought, though. really liked it.

Judy said...

Thanks, Peter. The peterified forests are amazing. If you ever get a chance to visit Arizona, do see them. I loved them as much as the canyon. Much of New Mexico is fabulous too. I got a lot of poems out of that trip. Switchbacks is another.

Judy said...

petrified..not "peterified"...LOL

Peter Garner said...

Hiya Paula, Judy. Thanks for stopping by. I am entirely aware that this ditty in no way measures up to the poem that inspired it. I know, that first line sucks. And frankly, I'm not that keen on the last stanza, but that's what blogs are for, right? ;-)