Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Music in the air

Notes carry on humid air
moisture greasing frequencies
so they slide around trees and buildings
enter windows open on a hot August night
tickle the ears of returning night-shift workers
haunt light sleepers who wait for them
before finally settling like exhausted mayflies
on coffee tables and dressers
forming a thin film that gets wiped away
with the week's dusting


Aisha said...

It is poetry-- NOT prose with line-beraks as you seemed to claim in the far away from the madding crowd courtyard of adtura bells.


Peter Garner said...

Hey Aish. Glad you finally found me ;-) Hope to see some posts on yours soon. Good as it is, I'm getting tired of that Dear Diary post ;-))


Aisha said...

Gosh I AM dyslectic, lexic, ic!
Yes, Dear Diary is past its sellby. Off to work -- asylum interview, then tonight blog blog blog. I think.

maybe about efar of alligators