Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Three dimensions

This medium forces a certain message,
as if three dimensions had been crushed
into two, and we now must imagine
the third. But we become bitter, sour
grapes in our screaming mouths
and all we can talk about is how
the world is so dirty nowadays

Our iPods play screams
to drown out the real screaming
and we sit blankly in front of screens
that screen us from the third dimension
We move up and down
left and right, but mostly
we sit in one place, and soon
I fear our remaining two dimensions
will be crushed into a single point

We came from the trees
And we can return
It's not that big a step
Lose the gift of language
of letting our minds roam
in three dimensions
and we're nothing but monkeys
howling at one another


paula said...

It's what I posted to Writing and Reading. The structure of the Blog forces you, in a sense, to renew the page very often. We are poets and not so keen on diary entries, so we post poems that can be later revised or discarded. Every time you click on your Blog you see your latest production ( different from looking for a piece in a folder, one of the many).

"Three Dimensions" depicts a reality with a touch of biting ( and bitter) irony in the close. This, imo, would work better with longer lines, though.

Have a good day.

Peter Garner said...

Thanks for reading, Paula. As I said in my reply to your other comment, I'm not really posting poems here. It's more like I'm blowing off steam, and if a germ of a poem comes (as with the Laika post, great. If not, at least I'm writing, even if it's only garbage (95 percent). It's more than I've been doing the past while.