Friday, March 31, 2006

It was 21 degrees in Montreal today, March 31, 2006. A little taste of the summer to come, I hope, and not a moment too soon. I actually managed to get some work done this morning, but this afternoon, I said "fuck it" and went for a bike ride.

When S. came home from work, I drove down to the grocery story to get some ground beef and we had hamburgers on the BBQ for supper. The patio door was open, and it didn't get really dark till about 7.

The main indication that it isn't summer was that our pool looked like this:

I fear the next few months are going to be long. S. is talking about getting a solar heater for the pool, which means if we're lucky, we could be swimming by mid-May. What do you think; am I dreaming in colour?

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Aisha said...

Do it!
That girl loves to swim.
Does she need it warm? It can get to around 20 C here...and there are at least two reasonably good beaches in Oslo, plus a pool in the sculpture park -- and small lakes in the forest-- but up North I dread to think what the swimmin would be like at 13 C maybe...



Carol said...

I showed Pat your pool picture but without any hint of what it was. I asked, What is this? He guessed: outdoors...a pool...full of soapsuds.

You should have seen his face when I said Ice! Peter's pool! We had a big laugh over it.

Peter Garner said...

Carol, thanks for the smile. You guys REALLY need to come spend some time here in winter. Think of it as a reality check. ;-)