Saturday, September 11, 2004

Bushy-tailed Menace

Heavy sunflower heads bow,
hang-out of upside-down,
trapeze-jaded rodents.

Corn planted on a lark
never has a chance to ripen,
husks hastily ripped open.

Neighbours offer peanuts,
but this side of the fence,
slingshots inhabit autumn dreams.


Aisha said...

This is a poem and no mistake: none of the prose arranged loosely but honed, this one.

Squirrels blase about their circus acts-- I can see them, sniping at your garden.

Is this on Nevada yet? What is a squirrel in Quebecois...


paula said...

At last you posted something new. ;-)
and a very nice poem it is.


Peter Garner said...

Aish, Paula,

Does this merit the oasis? Not sure. Maybe a bit more work. But thanks for looking in. As far as I know, squirrel is écureuil in both québecois and français.


paula said...

of course it deserves the oasis. Will check later to see what changes there are.


Radish King said...

I followed you here from Paula's wingtips. Corn planted on a lark took me in several directions, all good. I'm interested in the continuum of musicians though, and hope you write more about that. Sax? French?