Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dordrecht (2)

So far, the hardest part of this trip has been trying not to worry about where we'll be staying. The first few nights went well, but it took us quite a few tries to find a B&B in Dordrecht, and Gouda is proving elusive. To be continued...

But today was lovely. Dordrecht is just the sort of "undiscovered" town that most tourists dream about finding. In many ways, it reminds me of a tiny little Venice,  but without the hoards of tourists (or the gondolas). It seemed to us, after just a couple of days here, to be a place mostly filled with locals. But in the spirit of "when in Holland, do as the...  Canadians do: we rented a canoe at the nearby national park and had a lovely paddle. It was a nice change from the urban and agricultural landscapes we've seen thus far.

In the afternoon, we wandered around the historic city centre and had a meal and drinks at a "brasserie" (they don't actually brew at these places). I think we could have easily enjoyed another day here. Now the search for tomorrow night's accomodations continues.

I'm not stressed... really...

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Douglas Kirk said...

I should have told you before you left that Dordrecht is the place where the oldest medieval recorder was found--in a former moat of a castle. The original instrument (a couple of makers have done copies of it) is in the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag.

Bravo for the posts and the cycling!