Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today's ride was brought to you by windy Holland. Ok, I exaggerate just a little. It wasn't really much windier than yestereday, but today's ride was almost all against it. So our 47 km were quite tiring. 

But let's start at the beginning. This morning was the Gouda cheese market. Last night, the main square was deserted. 

This morning, it looked like this: 

So yeah, your basic European market day, but with lots and lots of cheese. 

We got on the road by 11 and while not as spectaular as yesterday, it was generally nice riding, incuding through some lovely parkland. Other than the wind, the weather was wonderful. 16C and sunny. Since we were no longer on the LF roads, there was quite a lot of stopping to get our bearings, and we missed a few turns, but nothing major. We got to Delft shortly after 4 and, low and behold, another market. 

Delft is actually much nicer than Gouda, in my opinion. It was clearly quite prosperous at one time, since the historic centre has three huge churches within about 500 metres. It also seemed a little livlier. Tommorow we cyce through Den Hague and up through the dunes and then back over the Leiden for the night. That  said, we haven't found anything there yet, so we may end up taking a train into Amsterdam if we come up empty. 

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