Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We are now a two-iPod family!

I suppose this could equally go in my other blog (not-so-shameless plug), but since it follows directly from my last blogpost, I figure the legions of FFTMC regulars will appreciate it more than the hoards of STA readers who have been filling my in-box clamouring for another post (patience, grasshopper(s)).

Yes, I'm back from sunny snowy Cleveland. I think it snowed every day I was there, and me, naively thinking that travelling somewhat south would translate to somewhat warmer weather. When I left this morning at 6 a.m., there was a good 18 inches of snow on the ground. Here in Montreal, it's bloody cold, but there's comparatively little snow. To put a positive spin on it all, at least I now know first hand what "lake effect" snow means.

The gig went well, though it simply dragged on forever--a gruelling week, what with the rehearsals, five concerts, four recording sessions, along with various and sundry translation projects squeezed in here and there while sipping at Starbucks (where, if you sat near the front window, you could pick up an open network nearby. Thankyou Mr. or Ms. linksys, whoever you are). Now I have to resume work on a big project that's supposed to be finished by Christmas. Any bets on whether I can translate 40,000+ words in two weeks?

But despite all the work in Cleveland (flog flog) I did manage to make my first trip ever to an Apple Store, where I picked up a sexy black iPod Nano for S.--a combined embarassingly late birthday present and compensation for being left alone for eight days. I figured she would like it--even if it did smack of Fred Flintstone buying Wilma a bowling ball for Christmas--but, to my great surprise (and perhaps somewhat to her own), she's absolutely thrilled. I have to admit, they're nice little units, but even if I wanted to, I doubt she'd let me use it much anyway.

The best thing about being home, aside from seeing S. again, is a home-cooked meal. I'm just not built for life on the road.


Aisha said...

I love my MP3 player too, a very recent gift.
Maybe it is a female gadget, for once!

Aisha (look at Miss New Orleans, Laurie...she has one too :))

Peter Garner said...

Definitely for the smaller ones. I think guys like the ones with a lot of storage because they like the idea of carrying a ton of information around in their pockets, where as women like the idea of a small, portable music player that looks good (hence the wild popularity of the iPod Mini--now discontinued--and the newer Nano)