Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tropical flies in resin,
dead leaves frozen in ice,
escape is an Arctic dream:
Resolute drifting unmanned out
Lancaster Sound and into Davis Strait,
finding her way unmindful of berg,
rock or lee shore.

Chance finds you
reborn a year/century/age later:
lady's slipper,
presidential desk,
amber necklace.


Aisha said...

poems with hyperlinks now! whatever next? :)

Dunno why, but this reminds me of the poems of Chris alias Ahab, the guy yo have never met but a poet central to the Captiva meeting.

Scientific, botainical...and I am captivated bu y it.

Shisa I mean Aisha

Aisha said...

or BY it ;)

Peter Garner said...

Captivated enough to buy it even? ;-) Glad you liked it.

Carol said...

Yes, I like the hyperlinks. The three ages--year, century, age-- were a great connection maker for me to get the idea. I also think Untitled is a good title, much better than resurrection, reincarnation or one of the re-birth ones.