Saturday, May 28, 2005

Don't listen to the weather forecast

It'll only get you down, and it's all LIES!

Anyway, today, despite the negative vibes put out by Environment Canada, was quite a beautiful day, and the first one in weeks (it seems). S. and I went for a walk in the park and, for all you birdwatchers out there, it was warbler city! Eleven species of warbler in all, including a blackpoll, which we hadn't seen since moving back from Winnipeg 14 years ago. All told, we tallied 38 species today. I guess the birds were as happy about the weather as we were.

In other news (albeit late news), last Friday, I broke the spout off the teapot I've owned since I moved to Montreal in 1987. I don't normally put much faith in such things, but my friend Aisha recently made a post on the Brown Betty teapot. I've always thought mine was a Brown Betty, but it says Stadler on the bottom. I guess I subconsciously wanted an authentic BB. Anyway, I'm off to see if I can find the most English of teapots in this most French of North American cities. Wish me luck.


Aisha said...

Congratulations! :) on gettinn a Brown Betty and on agreeing with me that the weather forecast is no good (posted on that once too :)))

Here we are having a marathon: all three Lord of the Rings on DVD in one day -- how you may ask? using the Fast Forward button a lot. Breaking for reindeer sandwiches before the Return of the King.
Hi to Sonia-- I know you talked about those birds in French.

Paula said...

I didn't believe in weather forecast, but recently they are more accurate, quite precise I'd say. They said a wave of torrid heat and torrid heat it is with very high humidity as usual. I wish they were wrong:-(