Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Birds of Florence

white monolith waits
noontime glare
hammer and chisel
David waits
weaverfinches bathe in dust
Michelangelo waits

marble white murmurs
long sunset
David whispers
goldfinches gather in pine
Michelangelo listens

marble monolith wakes
David awaits
blackbirds sing to rising sun
Michelangelo awakens


Aisha said...

I'll put it here instead of at Nevada:

Love the repetition, the form which may be a set one or not...

just wondered:
you repeat waits in the first strophe--
not in the others-- should you do one or the other?


paula said...

This is indeed interesting. I noticed that the repetition of "waits", : white moonlight, David, Michelangelo ( all three waiting), then, while marble and David murmur/whisper, Michelangelo listens to... inspiration; in the third stanza,
Michelangelo is ready.

Subtle. Well done.

Peter Garner said...

Aish, Wings,

Thanks for the reads. Posting from a friend's place near Toronto so won't have much time to respond in the future. But this is by no means a set form, just something that the words suggested. Not even sure if it's finished...


portuguesa nova said...

RT--I'm catching up on blogs I read regularly but to whom I've never said thanks for the good work! For some reason I never realized you were from Montreal--when is the best time of the year to visit Quebec? We're achin' for a vacation.

Peter Garner said...

Hola portuguesa,

Thanks for dropping by and for your note. I needed it today. As for Quebec/Montreal, it all depends on what you like. A lot of people love the Quebec winter carnival, in February, but you have to love winter and be prepared for Coooold weather (Quebec even has its own Ice Hotel now). But normally, I tell people that late May, early June is best. Generally beautiful weather, and Montrealers are still a little giddy with spring fever. If you can come during the Jazz Festival, even better. It's truly an amazing thing. Of course, October has the magnificent fall colours, but you can get those pretty much anywhere out east.

Take care, RT

portuguesa nova said...

Thanks for the may need to be a warm weather adventure, we've got enough cold merriment in Chicago.