Sunday, June 25, 2017

Head winds

Another great day of cycling, but whoo boy, were we tired when we arrived at our Airbnb. As the crow or highway flies, Wellerlooi to Roermond (or Herten, to be precise) is only about 51 km. But when you add the twists and turns of the LF3, it was more like 62. And we actually took a few shortcuts! We were also riding into fairly stiff headwinds, especially later in the day, and a good chunk of the route was on gravel or dirt paths (which is somewhat unusual for the LF routes in our experience).

We started off at 10, a little later than usual owing to the very quiet and comfortable B&B we had in Wellerlooi, and our route led us through some beautiful forested parkland.

Not the kind of landscape you expect in Holland.
Then we went through the cute town of Arcen, with it's lovely little moated castle.


Much like yesterday, the path took us through a very varied landscape of farmland, pastures, forests, and towns. We also saw our first windmill of this trip.

Ah, OK. Now we're in Holland. 

The last 25 km were fairly blustery, and Sonia rode in my wind shadow for much of it. When we got to Roermond, we were happy to find that the Airbnb was really lovely (our hosts are actually musicians too, which was a bonus), with a grocery store and a French fry shop within 100 m. After showering, eating, and planning the day for tomorrow, it's time to crash. It's been a looong (but lovely) day.

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