Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know the title is way hokey, but WTH. That IS what the poem is about, in one sense. Wrote this about a year ago but haven't dared to post it. I guess I'm ready to let the world see it now.


Arisen from our bed, still warm and close,
your presence comforts even as you leave
this place for good, a kindly smile that shows
you’ll always hang around. That look deceives
the innocent but lights my way: I streak
along your wake, forgetting in my haste
to dress--and so I turn the other cheek;
you seem surprised I could remain so chaste.
However chaste, I chase--farther, faster.
Come hither eyes melt into cold white stare,
laugh down on fools--dolts who’d court disaster
to glimpse your dark side. Thus I run. Though Mare
always was the goal,
I’ll never land there lest I lose control.


Carol Saba said...

'Moonrise' isn't really hokey. It's a seductive image and we can't ALL stop using it. It's heavenly;-)

Carol, who's been gone so long she forgot her passwords, hah.

Judy said...

Nice sonnet. I had to laugh at "turn the other cheek."