Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Compendium of Lost Words

Compendium of Lost Words

I recently installed the cool FireFox add-on StumbleUpon, which took me to this site. Not sure if any of these words would pass the Scrabble test, but I love it anyway.

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C. said...

Found in the compendium:

squiriferous adj 1796 -1796
having the character or qualities of a squire
The squiriferous youth squandered his inheritance with astonishing rapidity.

stagma n 1681 -1820
any distilled liquor
I will touch neither wine nor stagma, though I do occasionally partake of ale.

starrify v 1598 -1675
to decorate with stars; to make into a star
She would often starrify her high school students' work, thereby infantilizing them.

Hehehe--who wouldn't love this.