Sunday, November 12, 2006

Podcast on Alexander Pope

This week's BBC Radio 4 program In Our Time is on the 18th century English poet Alexander Pope. You can listen to the program from the website or download the audio file. You can subscribe to In Our Time (a really excellent program that discusses a different historical figure or event each week) on the In Our Time home page, or search for it in iTunes.

Get it while it's hot. The BBC only keeps its programs up for a week. If you miss it, drop me an e-mail. I might still have it. ;-)

[update:] In the comments on Frank Wilson's link to this post, Ed over at The Bibliothecary pointed out that while the podcast is only available for download for a week, In Our Time keeps an archive of all past programs, where you can listen to a streamed version. I stand corrected, but let's face it, streaming audio is sooooo 2004.


Carol said...

Always late, but just had to tell you that I listened to the show on Pope and found it very interesting. I'd never heard (but had heard OF) Melvyn Bragg. I found myself playing a bit of solitaire while I listened. The time just flew by. Then I went back and read Pope's "An essay on Criticism" and had a few good laughs on myself.


Peter Garner said...

Hey Carol,

Glad someone listened to it. I really like that program. It's a wonderful way to learn about specific topics in history, the guests are usually quite good, and, Melvyn is, of course, excellent.