Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hiromi Uehara - Kung-Fu World Champion

I'm ripping off this idea from a friend, but this is what I'm listening to tonight. I came across this incredible jazz pianist through the magic of Pandora.

Rarely has a young musician blown me away like this. This tune is just one example. Check out her website for more. If this tune is too funky for you, she does more traditional style jazz too. Search for her on YouTube and check out the great duet on "Spain" she does with Chick Corea.

Now that I've heard her music, I'm dying to see her in concert.


Jim Scofield said...

We saw her at the Monterey Jazz Festival for two sets. She, and her backup are fabulous! I had never seen anyone playing the piano while jumping up and down. She can be very wild, and also very tuneful. Keep looking at her website to see where she is playing. It'll be worth it!

H. W. Alexy said...

Holy shit Peter, thanks for posting this. Yeah, just fabulous.


Paula said...

Great, Peter. I love her jazz and could watch those hands for hours. Thanks for this.