Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sidewalk translation

In the comments to my previous post, meb kindly gave me permission to translate her ephemeral cinémotscope #3. We had some serious rain yesterday, so this piece is undoubtedly nothing more than random bits of chalk floating through the Montreal sewer system right now. Ironic how much crap gets published these days, but this little gem ends up--literally!--in the gutter.

As is usually the case, it sounds better (flip-flops and all) in its original version. If you haven't yet done so, I highly recommend watching the video, since that's all that's left (sniff).

--by meb

Write around the holes
Between the lines of others
While out for a walk
See in the letters
Proof of one’s
own fingers
A drawing of things

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portuguesa nova said...

(unrelated to this post)

still not sold on the macs.

(but am thinking I forgot to thank you for the advice)

Meb said...

Not bad (and no weeping on my part)!

Peter Garner said...

Well, "not bad" and no weeping. Sounds like an endorsement to me. ;-)

Aisha said...

Just enjoyed this at Meb's -- very original idea: loved it!
And you have it on the poet's authority the translation holds water (unlike the poem) ;)