Monday, May 29, 2006

The landlords are perverts...

...spying on their tenants, even taking videos of their most intimate moments, such as when they eat the excrement of their children (toward the end of the video). Hey, who said nature is pretty. Hope you didn't just eat. You've been warned


Rus Bowden said...

Hi Peter,

The pictures and this video are terrific to watch. I get the feeling of being behind the camera, being right there.

That bird has really moved into the neighborhood, and taken focus. And will probably be mayor soon, the way she takes over.


Peter Garner said...

Actually, Rus, the bird in both stills and video is the male. Apparently, with robins, after the eggs are hatched, the male does most of the feeding, while the female goes off to make another nest for a second brood. In our case, she is more concerned about calling the alarm when we come out onto the deck, but in any case, I doubt she will be sigining a second lease with such awful landlords. She'll be looking for new digs just as soon as the young are a little older.

Aisha said...



Carol said...

Hey, well done. The video was fun to watch and I like that little "zoom in" just when I wanted a better look.