Monday, November 07, 2005

Glad THAT's over

Well, avid FFTMC readers will be happy to know that the "Tuba Mirum" solo in the Requiem went pretty well. These things are never perfect, but I'm reasonably satisfied, especially given the circumstances. To tell the truth, I'm just happy I didn't crap all over it (to use a brass-player's turn of phrase).

I have to say, however, that life's getting a bit too short for this, or I'm getting too old--or both. This gig didn't pay nearly enough and/or the conductor was entirely too clueless for it to be truly enjoyable.

And next time, I'm taking real beta blockers. The bananas had no discernable effect.


H. W. Alexy said...

Next time, try wine, or is that too predictable :)? Which reminds me, will December in Ontario see you this year?


Peter Garner said...

Hey Helm. No, not in December, but I will see you next April. Opera Atelier/Tafelmusik is doing Orfeo, and I'm in the cast (of sackbut players, that is)