Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Blog

I just created a sister blog to FFTMC called Singing the Apple. As you might have guessed, it's a blog about computers (can you hear the groans?). I guess I didn't want to sully this one. Check it out. Or not. Ha!

PS. You may also have noticed that I have come out of hiding. Yes, I am now using my un-anagramed pseudonym, along with a self-portrait cum death mask I made out of clay a while back; think of it as a step toward sincerity (or insanity--take your pick).


Aisha said...

gosh--rushing there now! I too have one, but anonymously and no entries for months.
The life mask is like-like!

Peter Garner said...

"Like-like"? You mean, like, someone would recognize me, like, on the street, like, after, like, looking at the image? Like?

Paula said...

I have opned a few, numbering wingtips...and lost track of a couple:-)

Aisha said...

Life-like you daft apoth!