Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My apologies to FFTMC readers

I've been away helping put Gramps (that's what we call my grandfather, with great affection) in a nursing home. If ever there was a case for staying active mentally and physically, he is one. Do the crossword every day (preferably the NY Times), run, walk or ride your bike whenever you can. There's a poem here somewhere, but I'm not sure if and when I'll be able to write it.

On the up side, it was nice to see the family (six days was perfect). My nephews are getting to be at that really fun age between 6 and 12, though I have high hopes--perhaps unrealistic--that "Uncle Pete" will still be cool when they're teenagers.


Aisha said...

Blogs are for when you acn and wanna write.
But we missed you of course :)

I am wondering the same about my nephews and nieces.
The one who likes mostly tractors and hard manual labour doesn't find anything else cool at 17 but is at least friendly :)

One 15-year-old girl still wants to shop for fashion with me at Christmas, the other was impressed with that motor-bike, and the 13 year olds find me odd as always :)
The littlest (11) loves being on my team and losing at Scrabble.

Sooo - you have a good chance to be considered cool, I think.


Peter Garner said...

Hi Aish, Thanks for missing me. That makes two of you (can you guess who got left behind?). I'll be thrilled to still be cool in five years. Of course, it will be a bit of a let down, because right now, I'm a superhero.