Tuesday, July 27, 2004


you're walking down the street
whistling that happy tune
stuck in your suboncious
for the last week

sun shines on your smile
wind propells you along gently
you go to cross the road
and get run over by a bus

the wind changes suddenly
time-lapse clouds approach
and you're eating gravel
and drinking rainwater

and you think, this is more like it
nobody likes a happy ending

Your best buddy on the other hand
is on death row for a murder

committed by a pimp who shoved
the gun in your pal's hand and ran
of course the cops thought he did it
standing there like a dumbass

the legal-aid newbie out of lawschool
didn't help his case
of course they threw the book
but now years later they get the pimp

on another charge and he fesses
up and your friend is free
And the first thing he does
is comes to see you in the hospital

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